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How long is an orthodontic treatment ?

Orthodontic treatment adresses improper alignement , or malocclusions, and it varies widely frompatient to patient.
Some treatments  may take a few months while others may take several years.
On average , typical treatment takes between 15 and 24 months.

What happens after my braces are removed?

A retainer will be placed after removing the braces. Reatiners help make sure your teeth ‘remember’ theis new position. Some retainer are removable others are permanently attached to the back oy your teeth.

Should I be worried about my wisdom teeth if i’ve had orthodontic treatment?

While wisdomteeth will not harm a straight smile achieved trough orthodontic work, removing them may still be recommended to ensure the overall health of your mouth.

RPE, rapid palatal expander

Is a dental appliance used to expand the palate and to correct the bite that either has a crossbite or a narrow upper arch.
It widens the upper jaw to create space for permanent teeth. Rpe is usually worn for 6 to 9 months.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleepapnea is a sleepdisorder in which your breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep.
These breathing pauses typically last between 10 to 20 seconds and can happen from 5 to over 100 times per hour.

Symptoms of apnea

Loud snoring
Gasping for air during sleep
Awakening with a dry mouth
Morning headache
Difficulty concentrating during the day

Treatment of apnea

For mild sleep apnea , non cpap options include lifestyle changes ( weight loss and excercise ) and fitted mouthpieces that adjust the lower jaw and keep the tongue from blocking the airways. ( read more about MAD).